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Custom Website Development

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Your website should present your brand and message exactly the way you want it, across all digital devices. Mobile-first designs are a must these days, along with easy to navigate, user-friendly designs.

Interactive imagery and video creates an engaging atmosphere while quick and simple contact options encourage conversions on your website.

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A bad first impression can be devastating when your competitor’s website is just a few clicks away. As the Senior Living market continues to adopt digital trends, your organization’s website should set the standard for your brand and message.

Even the best lead funnels and inbound marketing campaigns will have a difficult time overcoming an outdated website.

First Impressions

Creating Your
New Presence

Your community’s website is the cornerstone of your digital presence. Factors like download speed, visual-appeal, mobile responsiveness, navigation and more all play a role in whether or not a visitor turns into a conversion.

Seniors over 65 using the internet daily
Time spent researching health/medical issues
Seniors over 65 using smartphones
Seniors who use search engines for research

Tailor-Made Design

Custom Themes & WordPress Integrations

In addition to a beautiful and easy to navigate design, it’s important that your website have solid, well-coded infrastructure. Not only does this help to avoid costly and regular rebuilds, it creates a platform on which to build your digital presence for years to come.

Your website should make it as simple as possible for someone to find exactly what they are looking for, and this includes Google. 

Bespoke Marketing Plans

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We are proud of our work, and we are excited about what we do. If your team needs a little help, or an entire digital makeover, we’d love to chat.

It is our goal to be your marketing partner, from the drawing board to the board room. 

Talent Acquisition Teams

It’s a fierce fight for today’s top talent, especially in healthcare. Inertia enables recruiters with the tools needed to connect with tomorrow’s leaders.

Senior Living Teams

As the target audience for Senior Living facilities becomes more digitally integrated, networks that fail to adapt will be left wondering what happened.

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