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Google PPC & Display Advertising for Senior Living

A data-driven digital advertising strategy is the key to future sustainability for Senior Living Communities. Google is still the dominant search engine and drives a lot of high converting prospects. Opportunities include PPC, Display, Video, and Mobile-only ads.

PPC Advertising

Display Advertising

Programmatic Advertising

Lead Generation with search ads

Most people think of Google PPC ads when they think of digital advertising. This is for good reason. Search ads on Google are still one of the best ways to find active prospects, whether you’re looking for today’s top talent or residents for a new memory care unit.

Top of page content for most searches is now dominated by PPC ads, followed by maps and local directories. Consumers and talent are both actively searching, but it could be your competition that finds them first.

Advertising on search engines can bring very targeted (and well-qualified) visitors to your website immediately. Paired with an effective landing page, search and display ads are one of the most cost-effective ways to increase brand awareness and drive lead generation at the same time.

Seniors over 65 using the internet daily
ppc ads for senior living

Google Search Ads (commonly referred to as PPC advertising) allow you to deliver your message to potential residents actively searching for your services in your local area. These are text ads that appear at the very top of search engine results pages, above the first organic results. 

Search Ads are an excellent way to drive large quantities of leads while your SEO strategy continues to build on your organic base.

Google Display advertising utilizes image and video collateral to reach your audience as they browse the web. As users visit a website that is part of the Google Display Network, your ads are placed throughout the content. These visual ads help create brand awareness and reach potential residents as they browse their favorite websites.

Video content is quickly becoming a preferred format for nearly all internet users. Seniors and adult children alike are depending on YouTube for everything from recipes to television. This creates a great opportunity to reach both audiences in the same place using video ads.

What's Next?

PPC ads (especially on Google) are one of the best ways to reach prospects currently active in their search. For many communities, this is the first and most important aspect of their digital marketing strategy. It is natural to move into display advertising on Google from within the same ad network. But, have you ever been scrolling through Facebook and notice an ad that seems to have read your mind? Or what about getting an email about a product while you are still on their website? Social Media Advertising and Marketing Automation create additional, sometimes complex, layers to your digital advertising strategy.