AI-Supported Digital Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Automation for Senior Living Communities

Marketing automation takes the majority of the work and confusion out of lead nurturing campaigns and helps to segment audience data. Machine learning and AI-supported strategies help to create a personalized customer journey designed to guide each prospect from discovery to move-in.

Email Campaigns

Website Personalization

Custom Audiences

Lead Nurturing & Audience Segments

As digital marketing opportunities increase and more tools become available, keeping track of every detail and lead can become a hassle. Thankfully, we now have a way to automate tasks so you can focus your time and attention elsewhere while continuing to nurture each customer.

Every lead is unique and falls into different parts of the buyer’s journey. Whether that is gaining awareness of your brand, following up on a form-fill, or thanking them for their business, your goal is to connect and communicate in a quick and personal manner. With marketing automation, you can easily keep track of each lead and send the right message at the right time without lifting a finger.

Marketing automation (automated lead nurture) is by far the #2 marketing priority after digital paid search and search engine optimization (SEO/SEM).

Email marketing continues to deliver one of the highest ROIs, and marketing automation makes it even more efficient. Email (and even text messages) can be triggered by website visits, demographic details, funnel information, and much more.

Your customer’s web journey can be more personalized than ever with marketing automation technology. You can now change the details and content of a page based on who is visiting at that very instant.

Marketing automation helps to develop and deploy segments within your audience data, in order to better serve your prospect’s needs. There are also integrations with social platforms like Facebook for audience management.

What's Next?

Marketing automation isn’t the only advantage of artificial intelligence technology. Another tool that also uses demographics and behavioral information is programmatic advertising. With this technology, you determine your target audience, and artificial intelligence automatically bids and sells your ads for you. This process allows your ads to show up on your audience’s TV they are watching, the tablet they are streaming on, or the phone they are scrolling through. Ready to get started or have questions? Contact us, and we will help you optimize your reach and connect with your audience using these services and more.