Digital Marketing for Political Campaigns & Advocacy

Digital Marketing for Political Campaigns & Advocacy

“Money is not what it used to be in politics, because the world of online advocacy has really reduced the impact of lobbying…”

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Advocacy & Lobbying in the Digital Era

Reach the right people with the right message. Utilizing demographic, behavioral, and look-alike targeting allows you to maximize impact and ROI as efficiently as possible. No more wasting time and money.

Motivate your constituents and ignite a movement with creative, action-provoking messages delivered via email, social media, and even text message.  Inspire action and make waves from day one.

Detailed campaign analytics and reporting keeps projects on task and moving forward. The data collected is then used to optimize all current and future campaigns, building on the success of each other.

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Approximately what percentage of your organization’s public affairs budget is allocated to digital activities such as online advertising and social media communications?

Digital Marketing for Political Campaigns and Lobbyists

Increased use of social media, digital/technology capabilities, and grassroots efforts are the three often mentioned trends anticipated over the next five years.

2016 Washington Insiders Survey

Is the money allocated for digital activities like online advertising and social media communications the result of increased public affairs spending or is it being diverted from more traditional activities?

“Washington Insiders anticipate greater growth in spending on digital tools and public/media relationas than traditional relations in 2017.

Over 40% of Washington insiders will divert public affairs spending away from traditional non-digital activities to focus on digital advocacy.”

2016 Washington Insiders Survey