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Social Media

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Organic & Paid Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Social media is a great tool for distributing your carefully crafted content, but more importantly, social media provides an opportunity to engage and meet your future residents and talent, before you ever learn their name.

Advertising on social channels can deliver ads based on audience interest and behavior, taking your marketing goals and ROI to the next level.

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One of the biggest advantages of recruitment marketing is the ability to recruit in the here and now. Social recruiting campaigns can be tailored to seasonal weather, local hiring events, or even targeted at a competitor’s most loyal employees.

Take advantage of the various evolving ad formats including boosted posts, in-app lead-generation, landing pages and more.

Targeted Approach

Defining &
Your Audience

The options for pin-point accuracy with social media advertising are tremendously important for Senior Living communities. With age restrictions, varying service lines offered, multiple pricing structures and more, it is important that the right message meets the right audience at the right time.

College Graduates using Social Media
30 - 49 year olds using Social Media
50 - 64 year olds using Social Media
Using Mobile for Social Media

Tailor-Made Content

Customized Social Media Strategy

Advertising on social media is not the only advantage of using digital communication channels. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn provide great avenues for custom content distribution.

Reaching your audience has never been easier. It is no longer necessary to secure front page newspaper coverage, or to hire a PR team to share your message.

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Talent Acquisition Teams

It’s a fierce fight for today’s top talent, especially in healthcare. Inertia enables recruiters with the tools needed to connect with tomorrow’s leaders.

Senior Living Teams

As the target audience for Senior Living facilities becomes more digitally integrated, networks that fail to adapt will be left wondering what happened.

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