Audience Engagement & Lead Generation

Social Media for Senior Living Communities

Social media provides an opportunity to engage and meet your future residents and talent before you ever learn their names. Advertising on social channels can deliver ads based on audience interest and behavior, taking your marketing goals and ROI to the next level.

Custom Audiences

Recruitment Marketing

Tailor-Made Content

Social media is used by all ages

Reaching your audience has never been easier. It is no longer necessary to secure front-page newspaper coverage or hire a PR team to share your message. Take advantage of the various evolving ad formats including, boosted posts, in-app lead-generation, landing pages, and more.

Through social media, you can connect with your audience directly and in real-time. People of all ages use platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to communicate with friends and family and find companies made of real people with real stories. Social media is a great way to engage your audience, tell your story, and reach people of all ages and interests. We can help you generate leads, grow your online presence, and build your company’s awareness with social media marketing.

Seniors who use social media.
social media for senior living

The options for pinpoint accuracy with social media advertising are tremendously valuable for Senior Living Communities. With age restrictions, varying service lines offered, multiple pricing structures, and more, it is essential that the right message meets the right audience.

Social media and search engines have put the power in the hands of today’s top talent. Recruitment marketing allows talent acquisition teams to benefit from the same funnels and lead generation strategies as senior living marketers.

Paid advertising is not the only advantage of using social media channels. Platforms like Facebook & Instagram provide unique avenues for audience engagement and brand development.

What's Next?

Posting regularly, running multiple campaigns, and responding to messages can become overwhelming quickly. Marketing automation saves you time and keeps your online presence consistent by automating tasks and nurturing campaigns using AI. Integrations range from email marketing and website chat to scheduled posts and automated text messages.
While social media advertising is great for building community and an audience, digital advertising across search engines is still essential for reaching a larger audience. Both advertising platforms provide different benefits, but either way, you will need to provide ad copy and content that drives people to take action and become a customer.