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Next-Gen Recruitment Marketing & Employer Branding Strategies

Talent recruitment is getting more and more competitive in the digital era. Technology has leveled the playing field and great candidates are getting harder to find. A digital recruitment campaign can help your talent acquisition team identify and recruit the most highly qualified candidates.
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 Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Marketing Campaigns
Using Social Media, PPC, & Custom Career Pages


Inertia Digital Marketing can help your recruiters reach the most qualified candidates. From new talent acquisition strategies to updating your employer brand we’ll help your company start hiring more employees cheaper, better, faster.  By creating tailored solutions for your hiring needs and processes, Inertia can help fill your open jobs all while reducing time and cost per hire.

Are you stuck in a recruitment rut? For in-demand careers and skills, talent acquisition is a fierce market. A digital advertising campaign is a great addition to your recruitment marketing toolkit.

Lots of job searchers today turn to Google when they want to learn more about your company and to research current openings in their field. A pay-per-click advertising campaign helps direct prospective talent straight to your company career page. In conjunction with a careers page, using PPC for talent acquisition has the ability to deliver targeted, qualified candidates to your recruiter’s inbox in real time.

Reach and engage top talent with targeted social media campaigns. Whether you’ve got 10 jobs to fill or 10,000 jobs to fill, social media can help lower your cost per hire and keep your talent acquisition team busy. Inertia works with each partner to develop a custom acquisition strategy based on unique needs and talent market demands.

The targeting capabilities of social media platforms make it a great source for organizations with even the smallest need or recruiting budget. By creating custom candidate audiences based on location, interests, career level, and education, talent acquisition teams can be precise in both candidate acquisition and KPI measurement.

A company career page is the foundation of any digital talent acquisition strategy. This is where candidates become applicants in the recruiting funnel. Building a landing page for applicants provides the chance to put your best foot forward.

Capture more than just clicks using your custom careers page. Advanced analytics allows your talent acquisition department to keep a keen eye on effective recruitment channels, cost metrics, Driving traffic to job listing sites can result in new applicants, but it can also leave you wondering where all of your recruitment marketing budget went. Take control of your candidate funnel with a custom careers page. Inertia delivers SEO ready career and landing pages designed specifically for social recruitment and talent acquisition lead generation.

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Essential Elements of Recruitment Marketing

Employer Brand

Technology has leveled the playing field and now candidates are researching your company brand more than ever. How you frame and present your business culture, purpose and mission is the foundation to success in modern day recruitment. A good talent acquisition strategy is dependent upon having a strong company brand.  

Develop a Candidate Persona

Targeting the best candidates is more than posting a job opening on a niche career board. Understanding your ideal applicants involves learning about what motivates each type of candidate, where they spend time online, and how they interact with digital media. Once you have a clear candidate profile, it’s time to develop a strategy to reach and engage each type of applicant. Digital platforms have given recruiters and talent acquisition teams the opportunity to know exactly who they are reaching with each initiative.

Recruiting Content

Once you have developed your online brand and established target candidate profiles, it’s time to start developing a content strategy for driving reaching new applications. Think about what sets your company apart. No, not the Foosball table or beer fridge in the break-room. Today’s talent is looking for a career based on transparency, growth opportunities, and work-life balance; Your talent acquisition strategy needs to reflect this. Put yourself in the shoes of the new applicant. Why would you want to work there?

Start hiring more candidates today!

Get in touch with the Inertia Digital Marketing team to schedule a free consultation and analysis. We’ll spend time discovering your unique needs and talent acquisition strategy. Our team will prepare tailored recruitment marketing plans based on your company goals, talent acquisition budget, and the most effective digital recruiting channels. Your new recruitment campaigns could be less than 30 days away!

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Using SEO, Social Media, & Digital Advertising to fill jobs faster

Recruitment marketing strategies don’t need to replace job board listings and career fairs, but to succeed in today’s war for talent, the best recruiters are turning to digital marketing to help fill jobs cheaper and faster.

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