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senior living blog best practices

Best Practices For Your Senior Living Blog

As a senior living facility, you understand the importance of keeping your residents informed and engaged. A great way to do this is through digital media such as blogs. Blogs are an effective tool for connecting with your audience in a meaningful way and can help make sure that everyone’s needs are being met. But how exactly do you go about creating a successful blog? This article will provide insight on best practices for your …

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traditional vs digital advertising for assisted living and independent living communities

Has Digital Marketing Eliminated The Need For Traditional Advertising To Reach Assisted Living And Independent Living Residents?

In today’s digital age, many businesses have turned to online marketing as a way of reaching their target audience more efficiently and cost-effectively. But has …

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digital marketing changes senior living

How Has Digital Marketing Changed The Senior Living Industry?

The digital revolution is like a tsunami that came without warning, crashing into the senior living industry and transforming it in its wake. Senior living …

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ott ctv vs tv

Is OTT/CTV Advertising A Better Value Than Traditional Television Advertising?

According to recent research, over-the-top (OTT) connected television (CTV) advertising is gaining traction as a more cost effective alternative to traditional TV advertising. In fact, …

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What Are The Most Vital Aspects Of SEO For A Senior Living Community?

It is amazing how something as simple and commonplace as a senior living community can benefit from such an integral tool like Search Engine Optimization …

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How To Write A Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Senior Living Community

Picture a senior living community. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming, the grounds are lush and inviting, and the amenities provide comfort and security for …

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Asian senior couple in living room at home.Wife browsing online on smartphone showing something to her husband while husband is also using a tablet.

Digital Marketing Strategies Every Nursing Home Must Use

As the aging population continues to grow, nursing homes are facing an unprecedented challenge – how to reach out and engage with elderly residents in …

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