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Best Digital Advertising for Senior Living Communities: Facebook vs. Google

Thanks to advanced technology and growth in the digital marketing world, you no longer need to pay for expensive billboards or ads in the newspaper. Digital advertising has become one of the most accessible, affordable, and successful marketing tools for any company. Two of the most popular advertising platforms are Google and Facebook, and in this article, we will compare the benefits, goals, and industry trends for each. Facebook Ads Created in 2004, Facebook is …

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B2B Winner

Inertia Recognized as Top B2B Company in Florida

Inertia was founded on the premise that there was always a better way to do things. More effective systems, better-crafted programs, and more cost-efficient workflows. …

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future of senior living

The Future is Now for Senior Living Providers

As senior living communities rush to create new policies and programs in response to COVID-19, business development teams are left with struggling sales cycles and …

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Digital Recruiting for Healthcare - Case Study

Recruitment Marketing – A Case Study in Digital Recruiting for Senior Living

Recruiters and talent acquisition teams across the US are struggling to recruit qualified healthcare professionals. Let’s face it, if your job is to find and …

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Inertia Digital Marketing Receives Florida B2B Award from Clutch!

38% of marketers are publishing content at least once a week. How do you hold up against these numbers? Inertia Digital Marketing is all about …

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Top US Web Design Team

Inertia Recognized as Top Digital Marketing Agency

With most businesses having some form of online presence, it is important that your company invest in digital marketing in order to be able to compete in today’s online marketplace.

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Ultimate Recruiter's Guide to Digital Marketing

Using SEO, Social Media, & Digital Advertising to fill jobs faster

Recruitment marketing strategies don’t need to replace job board listings and career fairs, but to succeed in today’s war for talent, the best recruiters are turning to digital marketing to help fill jobs cheaper and faster.

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