What Are the Top Tech Trends Among Seniors?

Did you know that every second, Google receives approximately 77,000 searches from users around the world, according to Best Writing? Each year, our technological world continues to expand and astound, even among senior citizens who have also leaned into the tech revolution. Some of the top tech trends among seniors today are drastically different than they were just a few years and decades ago. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Owning More Smart Devices

Each year, more and more senior citizens are becoming owners of smartphones. According to AARP, in just the past two years alone, adult smartphone adoption has skyrocketed from 70% to 77% in total. With more seniors becoming interested and familiar with modern technologies, they also gain access to modern services and solutions that can ultimately improve their overall quality of life. In addition to owning a traditional smartphone, more seniors than ever are familiarizing themselves with even more devices and solutions, such as tablets and smart TVs.

The Rise of the Smart Tech Market

Another way that seniors are leaning into the technical revolution is by equipping their own homes with smart technology. The Smart Tech market goes well beyond our smartphones and pairing our Alexa and Google Home. Smart Tech can range from the use of a robotic vacuum and media manager to a fully-integrated digital thermostat and camera system that is linked to your smartphone or other digital devices. The rise of the Smart Tech market is making it easier and more accessible than ever for seniors to get involved without feeling left out or left behind.

Smart Homes

The use of smart home technology is becoming common among all age groups, including seniors. Implementing smart thermostats, burglar alarms, locks, and even motion sensors is now easier than ever, even for those who are not as tech-savvy as others. With entire robust systems being available, senior citizens have the ability to integrate an entire smart home system that is easily manageable and one that is also affordable for their individual budget.

Streaming Services

As seniors age and become increasingly comfortable with the use of smart technology, they are turning to the use of streaming services. Streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBOMax, Showtime, Amazon Prime, and more have all shown an uptick in the number of elderly subscribers they receive on a regular basis. As streaming services and forward-thinking technologies become more and more accessible to senior citizens, the elderly are likely to find them less daunting and intimidating, prompting them to try them for themselves.

Using Smart Devices for Health Purposes

A major rising trend among senior citizens is the use of smart devices and Smart Tech for healthcare purposes and ongoing monitoring. From advanced cloud-based heart monitors and swallowable cameras to digital wearable devices, medical options are continuously evolving when it comes to Smart Tech. This advancement in technology has also made it easier for senior citizens to access preventative care methods that are individualized for their own personal needs.

Whether a senior citizen struggles with high blood pressure, diabetes, or even an autoimmune condition, there are many medical devices and technologies today that were unavailable just a few short years ago. Working with a doctor who prefers modernized technology can help senior citizens to remain as vigilant as possible when it comes to their own personal healthcare needs.

Individualized Services

Each year, more concierge-style services are being rolled out, which is especially appealing to senior citizens. The more individualized a service is, the more likely a senior is to inquire about the provider or service itself, depending on their own needs and personal lifestyle. Individualized services can range from online platforms and working with a personalized digital marketing company to engagement products and advertisements that are hyper-targeted towards the senior’s needs based on lifestyle, activity, and recent purchases. The use of individualized services and custom-tailored technologies is not showing signs of slowing down any time soon and is expected to continue to skyrocket among the senior population.

Tech trends among seniors are likely to continue to evolve, especially as we become more advanced when it comes to the development of AI and accessibility when it comes to traditional devices. For seniors today, however, the options are still virtually endless when it comes to getting started with tech in any capacity. Understanding just a few of today’s top trends in tech when it comes to seniors provides valuable insight into what is most likely to come in the near future for the same age group. Get in touch with us today to learn more and to target your website for seniors.

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