4 Ways SEO Can Help Your Senior Living Facility Grow

Did you know that, according to Visual Oak, the internet is home to over 500 million blogs and that there are 50,000 people every day searching for the key phrase, “how to start a blog”? There are many reasons why so many blogs exist and why tens of thousands of people want to start a blog every day.

One reason is traffic. To drive targeted, organic traffic to a website, you need relevant content that people are actually interested in — not regurgitated content. Traffic that converts into leads, and eventually into customers or clients, is fueled by relevant content.

For people to find your website, it must be search engine optimized, which is known as SEO-ready. Having an SEO strategy for your website will help your senior living facility attract new clients. Below are four ways SEO and digital marketing for senior living will help your facility grow.

1. Give a Unique Identity to Each Page

When it comes to digital marketing for senior living, one key way to promote your facility is by creating a unique landing page for every service you offer. The landing page should then branch into separate pages, each showcasing a different service.

Avoid the temptation of combining all the services on one landing page. The goal here is to help the search engines determine the main message on each page and rank it appropriately. Of course, a higher ranking means your page is likely to be found by people looking for the service listed there and from there branch off into other areas of your website. To be optimized, each page must have the following:

  • A title, a title tag, a meta description, and a URL. The title tag and meta description must include one to two relevant keywords.
  • Structured data. This is a code or language that helps search engines read and index your website.
  • A clearly defined topic and title.
  • Incorporated local elements.
  • Be designed with readers and customers in mind.

2. Provide Relevant Content

The goal of your website must be, first and foremost, to provide relevant content that people actually find helpful. Any SEO strategy that ignores this approach will fail.

There’s no need to drive people to a website only for them to not find anything helpful. You need a strategy for digital marketing for senior living facilities that prioritizes helpful content that seniors find relevant. This is critical, as search engines such as Google judge pages by the relevance of their content. While keywords are important, they must accurately describe the content of a page.

You will grow your facility by promoting it through high-quality, relevant, and unique content that actually adds value. This should not be regurgitated or plagiarized content or content full of meaningless words and phrases, also known as fluff. The content must stand on its own and deliver real value to web visitors. It must:

  • Include unique and original content.
  • Include region-specific information and location tags.
  • Answer the targeted keywords or search queries.

3. Ensure a Positive User Experience

To improve click-through rates, your senior living facility’s website must prioritize user experience, otherwise known as UX. This will keep visitors on your site for a longer time and also minimize bounce rates. Effective digital marketing for senior living facilities must incorporate user experience into the SEO strategy.

An optimized user experience improves a website’s search rank to make it easy for people to find your content. UX is about delivering or presenting content in ways and forms that don’t turn visitors off. Below are some of the best UX practices to adopt for your website:

  • Optimize the pages for voice.
  • Use engaging visuals.
  • Make sure the entire website is mobile-friendly.
  • Ensure pages are fast-loading.

4. Provide Free Publications for Seniors and Their Families

A strategy for digital marketing for senior living facilities must provide helpful information to prospective residents, current residents, and their families. This is your core target market, and any strategy that ignores this fact won’t work.

eGuides, newsletters, and blogs are great mediums to tell people what your facility is all about. These tools are critical for anyone considering senior living. They are also great SEO tools that enhance the authority of your website and the content therein.

Chances are that social media shares and downloads will increase, as you will be viewed as an authority in matters to do with senior and assisted living lifestyles. The goal is to make the information in these tools helpful and meaningful. They should:

  • Add value to your senior living website.
  • Have share-worthy content that encourages people to cite, click on links, and amplify your message.
  • Be easily shareable across all major platforms.

An effective SEO strategy is critical to the growth of your facility. It’s a way to tell search engines exactly what your website is about. Besides using relevant keywords and meta tags, the content on your website and blogs must be unique, relevant, and add real value to visitors. When it comes to digital marketing for senior living facilities, we understand SEO better than our competitors. We’re ready to help so contact us today!

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