With Love
With Love

To all my friends and family -

I love you and miss you all dearly. I pray that everyone is staying healthy. I am also praying that you can all find joy in these new and challenging times. The current global health crisis will likely send millions home with no paycheck, and unsure of what their future looks like. For those fortunate enough to make the transition to work-from-home, it’s a whole new set of challenges and honestly, frustrations.

My family has been blessed, in that Amanda and I both made the work-from-home transition several years ago, and have had time to adjust and create new routines (and new definitions of sanity). That in itself has allowed our family to grow closer, just by spending more time together. Now that the kids have been home all day…everyday… for weeks…and school is out for the year…it’s not just Amanda and I spending time together and learning more about each other, our entire beautiful family of 4 (plus 6 cats and a goldfish) get to spend a lot more time getting on each other’s nerves growing together.

I’m not saying I hope the kids never leave the house again, or never go back to school; and I certainly hope to start enjoying concerts and crowded beaches again soon. But it would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge how much my heart has grown, and how much closer attention I pay to my children (and wife) now that we’re spending so much time as a unit.

I still cherish my time alone in my office with my guitar, but it’s a little sweeter sometimes when Cadence gently pushes open the door to join me for a (pretty lousy) rendition of Beauty and the Beast. I still love getting lost working on a new website or challenge, but it’s 100% ok when Austin yells in frustration from the other room when the robot he is programming isn’t doing what it’s told.

We’ve had to been able to attend drive-in church service for the last several weeks. There was no Sunday School for the kids…no playground and snacks…and no potty breaks. We even had to leave 5 minutes early once because an unnamed child couldn’t hold it any longer. But we spent an hour as a whole family, sitting in the car, honking the horn at the preacher. They will remember that fondly. I hope. I know I will.

It is my sincere hope that as your family navigates the new normal, you are able to reflect fondly on some aspect of this crisis. For me, it’s the afternoon picnics in the yard with my children, who will never be this young again. It’s my children seeing daddy at work, and coming to sit in my lap while I’m typing up a storm and dragging spreadsheets across 3 screens. It’s family movie night on just about every night, and sometimes I even get to pick the movie! It’s watching my wife lead a 2 hour webinar for thousands of people, from a shady spot in the backyard, because she can, and it’s now acceptable.

I miss you all. I miss visiting my clients. I miss TJ Maxx. I miss playing guitar on stage for my God (I didn’t say it was good…). But the time I’ve had with my family, and how much I’ve grown as a dad and husband (I hope), will forever far outweigh these things. If you are spending this time alone, I can’t imagine. That’s got to be hard. Use your phone. Give me a call. I’d love to tell you some terrible jokes. If you’re a business owner, I can feel your pain and anxiety in these uncertain times. If there is anything I can do to help you, please never hesitate to reach out.