The Advantage of Programmatic Advertising for Senior Living Advertisers


Senior living advertisers are in a unique position to take advantage of programmatic advertising. As the industry becomes more competitive and consumers demand more personalization and convenience, senior living providers need to ensure they’re using the latest technology and data-driven strategies to reach their target audience. The benefits of programmatic advertising can help you reach your target audience with greater precision, while also allowing you more control over your budget and campaign parameters. This is especially true for senior living brands, who often have specific targeting needs related to their audience demographic (age) or physical location.


As a senior living marketing professional, your job is to help ensure that people who are looking for information on care centers and services find you. You also want to make sure they contact you when they’re ready—and not just once. You need to expand your reach and stay relevant as much as possible.

If you don’t already know what programmatic advertising is, here’s a quick recap: it’s an automated process of buying media with real-time bid requests that allows publishers to run ads on their site with the click of a button. This approach saves time and money by removing friction from the ad buying process, but it also offers other advantages like better targeting and improved reporting tools (since everything is automated).

Senior Living Has Unique Needs for Media Buying

Senior living advertisers have a unique set of needs when it comes to media buying. They need to reach not only the seniors they serve, but also caregivers and families. Seniors are not just a homogenous group, either; they live in different stages of life and at different locations around the country (or world). As such, senior living advertisers need an advertising solution that can target these different groups while ensuring that they get their message across effectively.

Benefits of Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising offers many benefits for senior living advertisers.

Improved quality of prospect data. You can use programmatic tools to filter out undesirable prospects, including those who don’t fit your target audience or who are unlikely to convert into residents. This results in higher engagement and relevance with your target audience, which leads to better ROI on your campaigns.

More targeting criteria to drive higher relevance and engagement. In addition to targeting based on age and gender, you can also use programmatic marketing platforms to target prospects based on other demographic attributes such as zip code, income level and household size—and even their interests (sports fans vs history buffs). You can also use location-based targeting techniques that allow you to pinpoint specific areas where there is a high concentration of older adults looking for assisted living facilities near them—or any type of senior healthcare facility that fits their needs best!

Improved Quality of Prospect Data

In the world of programmatic advertising, you are using real-time information to target your audience and improve the quality of your prospect data. Programmatic advertising is a highly targeted approach that helps advertisers reach their audience without wasting money on people who don’t fit their desired profile.

The key difference between traditional ad buying and programmatic is the use of data and automation. When you’re not relying on traditional media channels for placement, you’re able to use technology to find new audiences based on what’s relevant to them at that exact moment—not just who they have been in the past or what magazines they read! It’s also important to note that these algorithms are constantly changing with new technology being implemented all the time.

More Targeting Criteria to Drive Higher Relevance and Engagement

You can also use programmatic to target users based on their location, demographic data, and interests. If you’re interested in reaching seniors living in a specific part of town, then you can target them based on zip code or city. Or maybe you’d like to find senior citizens who live in a certain state or region. You can do this by including GPS coordinates with your ad campaigns’ targeting parameters.

The same goes for targeting by age: if you want your ads shown only to those members of our audience aged 55-65, we’ll make sure that happens!

Let’s say it’s lunchtime on Monday and you want people who are likely thinking about lunch right now—what better time to reach them? We’ll help ensure that happens through our advanced scheduling feature which allows advertisers to optimize ad delivery across various dates, times and days so that every ad appears at its best time frame for conversion potential and cost effectiveness.

Greater Budget Control & Efficiency

Programmatic allows you to set a budget and let the system work for you, with some control over how your money is spent. You can track results and adjust your budget as needed—you might use a daily budget or lifetime budget, depending on what makes sense for your campaign. With programmatic, it’s easy to get more granular and adaptable with your ad spend than ever before.

Senior living providers can benefit from a programmatic digital strategy that allows them to reach the right audience with relevant messages, while maintaining budget control and brand safety.

Senior living providers can benefit from a programmatic digital strategy that allows them to reach the right audience with relevant messages, while maintaining budget control and brand safety.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Better quality of prospect data. Programmatic advertising enables senior living providers to reach prospects who are more likely to be interested in their offerings because they have been screened for relevant characteristics (such as age, income, etc.). This reduces wasted ad spend on less-relevant audiences as well as ensures that messaging is reaching seniors who need it most.
  • More targeting criteria for higher relevance and engagement. The ability to target specific demographics using programmatic advert platforms means you get better results from your marketing efforts by sending ads only to those people who have expressed interest in senior care or other related topics online. In addition, making use of advanced retargeting options such as lookalike modeling allows marketers at any level—from small businesses all the way up through large corporations—to increase engagement with potential customers who have already shown interest in certain products or services by showing them targeted advertisements across multiple channels (e-mail newsletters; social media pages).
  • Increased brand safety through third-party verification services like Integral Ad Science (IAS) which automatically scan every impression before it goes live on your website so there’s no chance anyone will see an unsafe ad ever again! You can also opt into behavioral data matching services such as DataXpand where they collect information about how long someone has spent looking at each piece of content within their account before deciding whether or not it’s worth paying attention too – both types help ensure advertisers aren’t wasting money trying promote ineffective campaigns.”


As you can see, there are many advantages to consider when it comes to programmatic advertising for senior living providers. It’s a smart investment that will help you reach the right audience with relevant messages and save you time and money.

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