Geofencing, Retargeting, Addressable, OTT/CTV & More

Programmatic Advertising

With access to inventory on mobile, desktop, and even TV, programmatic advertising gives Senior Living Communities the ability to create complex campaigns that nurture a future resident from start to finish.

Retargeting & Geofencing

Demographic & Interest Segments

Mobile, Desktop, Tablet & TV

Reach your audience anywhere, anytime

Programmatic advertising is like a billboard on the internet that targets your ideal prospects with pinpoint accuracy. This display marketing channel allows communities to generate thousands and thousands of targeted brand impressions for just a few dollars. It also allows senior living marketers to segment campaigns and audiences based on geography, personal demographics, interests, and much more.

Programmatic advertising can reach audiences on computers, tablets, mobile devices, and even television. OTT/CTV campaigns bring digital advertising to our couch via smart TVs and streaming TV apps. It’s now easier than ever to reach your audience in multiple media formats and with various messages.

The average number of touchpoints required for each new customer
ott ctv advertising for senior living

A retargeting campaign continues to engage potential residents and decision makers, long after they’ve left your website or interacted with a search engine. Retargeting leads who engaged with your website or performed related searches online is a great way to communicate with an already interested audience. Create compelling image or video ads to deliver on mobile, desktop, tablet, and even television.

Creating a geofence enables senior living teams to reach employees and residents by targeting events, competitor locations, zip codes, neighborhoods, and even areas drawn out on a map. 

The ability to build specific, addressable audiences is a great advantage for programmatic advertising. We can utilize audience lists you’ve created or help build custom lists for targeting the perfect audience.

What's Next?

Reaching people in each stage of the buyer’s journey is crucial to running your ad campaign, and programmatic advertising is the way to get there. Programmatic advertising uses demographics, behavior, geo-targeting, and retargeting to make sure your ads are getting seen by those interested and looking for your business. This process increases efficiency tremendously and saves you money by performing automatically.

Now that your ad placement is taken care of, you need to make sure the ads shown make a lasting impression and intrigue people to learn more. Creating high-quality ad content is essential whether by programmatic, digital advertising, or social media advertising. No matter where you are in your digital marketing journey, Inertia is here to help. We would love to chat and help you take advantage of all the possibilities with digital marketing.