The New Standard in Senior Living Marketing

Interactive 360° Virtual Tours

Potential residents and their adult children are more hesitant to tour multiple communities before making a decision. Virtual Tours provide an opportunity to showcase your community from anywhere with an internet connection.

Live-Guided Tours

Floor Plans

Drone & 360° Photography

Contactless Resident Tours

The recent pandemic has changed the way resident tours look, and it’s no longer just the “next generation” that expects digital solutions.

Get back in touch with your potential residents with a contactless resident tour featuring 360° photos, aerial drone footage, and more.

Virtual Tours increased growth in searches
Virtual Tours increased customer actions
Virtual Tours increased views on Google

360° Photography creates an immersive and interactive experience for your potential residents. Paired with our 8K photo/video, we provide high-quality virtual tours that highlight and fit your community’s needs.

We’ve got the inside of your building covered with our 360° photography, but what about showcasing the whole property and location? Drone footage helps capture the beautiful aerial views of your property and allows you to incorporate markers to other important buildings and attractions nearby.

Branding is important, and we want to make sure your tours and floor plans match your style and look. We communicate directly with you throughout the whole process to create the perfect layouts, designs, and details of your project.

Live-Guided Tours

Take virtual tours to the next level with live-guided tours. Inertia offers this technology so that you can video call your client, walk them through the tour, and answer any questions they may have, all from the convenience of your respective homes.

Interactive Floorplans

An upgrade from 2D floor plans, let us bring your space to life so clients can see and feel like they’re at your location. With accurate dimensions, numerous style and furniture options, and high-quality shots, our floor plans are another great asset to showcase your community without having to visit your physical location.

3D Floor Plans for Senior Living

What's Next?

Once your tour, floor plans, and drone shots are complete, it’s time to showcase them to the world. Not only do we work with you to get the perfect photos and create the tour that fits your style, but we can also help incorporate and market your new assets to your future clients. Whether that’s adding them to your website or promoting them on your social media, we are just as proud and excited to share these new features and increase your marketing efforts. Tell us your ideas, and we will partner with you to make them happen.