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Digital Marketing Data & Customized Reporting

No two senior living communities are alike. That’s why we create digital marketing reports and dashboards designed specifically for each project. A live and interactive digital marketing dashboard allows for instant access, real-time data, and easy growth measurement.

Custom Metrics

Interactive Dashboard

Measurable Goals

Custom Metrics and KPIs

One of the biggest advantages to digital marketing is the data, but not all data is created equal. Data is just information. How much information you have doesn’t matter if it is the wrong information or if you aren’t properly analyzing it, and using it to define your strategy. It is how data is presented and used that makes it valuable.

To get the most out of your digital marketing campaigns it is important to figure out what metrics are valuable to your communities, and tailor reports and metrics in a way that makes sense for your specific business needs and goals.

Digital leads are up to 84% cheaper than direct mail
digital marketing dashboard

We understand that each community is different, and with that comes a unique set of needs. We’ll work together to identify and measure the KPIs and metrics that mean the most to you. 

Whether you want to track every single digital marketing dollar, or you just need the basics, a tailor-fit dashboard will ensure that you never enter another meeting empty-handed.

Customized conversion metrics and tracking methods help measure ROI in near real-time. Campaigns can be optimized on the fly using the results of live data.

Personalized Dashboards for Senior Living Communities

During the onboarding and planning process with each partner, we identify the metrics and information that are most important to your leadership team. This information is used to carefully create a customized report, including a thorough analysis (and recommendations when necessary). The format and data included is then used to create an online dashboard with access to near real-time custom reports. There is no reason to show up to meetings with questions about your digital marketing spend and campaign results. Start showing up with answers and plans for demonstrable growth.