Creating A Digital Advertising Strategy for Senior Living Communities


If you are a senior living community, you’re likely looking for ways to reach residents online. With so many options available, how do you know which ones will be the most effective? You could hire an agency to create your digital advertising strategy or try to do it yourself. But why not make things easier by downloading this guide?

The Senior Living Digital Advertising Landscape

The senior living digital advertising landscape is a quickly-changing field, with shifts in consumer preferences and technology changing the way we live our lives. As the number of older Americans grows steadily each year, so too does the need for innovative ways to meet their needs.

Senior living communities are no different—they depend on reliable access to technology in order to connect with potential residents and provide them with information about what makes their community unique. From online classes teaching life skills like computer literacy, to virtual tours that show off their beautiful grounds from every angle imaginable; digital advertising is a critical component of marketing strategies designed specifically for this growing audience segment.

It’s not just senior citizens who benefit from these new technologies though; younger generations benefit as well.

The Best Senior Living Digital Advertising Strategy

When it comes to digital advertising, senior living communities should not adopt one-size-fits-all strategies. Developing a digital strategy for your community can help you reach new potential residents and enhance the reputation of your brand. The best digital advertising strategy will be tailored to your organization, informed by your goals and objectives, and informed by the audience you’re targeting.

The first step in developing a digital marketing strategy is to examine the current state of local search results for keywords related to senior living communities . This will give you an idea of where people are going online when they are looking for information about these types of facilities in their area. Once you know what the competition is doing, you can create a strategy that will help your community stand out.

What Makes A Successful Senior Living Digital Ad?

  • Showcase your community. Images of the home and grounds, residents enjoying themselves in social settings, and activities like group outings to local attractions are all effective ways to showcase your senior living community.
  • Showcase amenities. Whether it’s a new fitness center or a gourmet dining experience, there are always things that set you apart from other communities. Highlight these unique offerings with images of residents enjoying them!
  • Showcase location. Visitors want to know where they’re going—details such as city names and distance from major cities can be helpful when narrowing down potential locations for their loved ones’ next home (or vacation spot).
  • Showcase events/activities & staff members who make them happen! If you’re hosting something fun that deserves attention, use digital advertising to help spread the word about an upcoming event or activity taking place at your community!

Best Practices For Your Paid Search & Pay-Per-Click Ads For Seniors

  • Use a landing page for your ads to capture leads.
  • Make sure your landing page is mobile-friendly.
  • Use a call-to-action on your ad with a clear message and strong value proposition, such as “Ask For More Information” or “Schedule A Tour Today!” If you want to allow visitors to schedule an appointment without having to leave the ad, use a button that says something like “Schedule Now!” and then provide them with a link at the bottom of the ad where they can confirm their appointment time and date, along with contact information so that you can follow up afterwards if needed (and revenue generating).

How To Craft Effective SEO Content For Your Senior Living Community’s Website

In order to ensure that your content is easily readable, use headings and subheadings to break up the text. You should also use bullet points when possible. In addition to these formatting techniques, it’s important to maintain a conversational tone throughout your content.

Finally, make sure that you include keywords in your URLs and alt text descriptions as well!

What Else Should You Know About Effective SEO?

SEO is a long-term strategy, not a quick fix. You can’t go out and just buy SEO solutions and expect them to work immediately. SEO takes time, effort, and patience.

However, there are some things you can do now that will help ensure your site gets visitors in the future:

  • Make sure your housekeeping is on point—that includes updating pages with new content regularly and making sure there aren’t any broken links or dead ends on your site. You should also make sure all of the images on your website are optimized for search engines because Google image search has become very popular in recent years (in fact, it’s one of the most used features).
  • If you have any guest blogs or other types of content written by third parties who mention your business name or location somewhere within their article(s), then make sure those links still work! This is especially important if someone has written about something related to what goes on inside the facilities themselves (such as “10 Things Dementia Caregivers Can Do To Raise Awareness,” which would naturally contain references like “[the] senior living community” etc.) since these types of posts tend not only boost traffic levels but also increase credibility with consumers who may not know much about what we do here at [company name] yet.”

Why Is Programmatic Advertising A Smart Way To Reach Seniors Online?

Why is programmatic advertising a smart way to reach seniors online? Because it’s automated, cost effective, scalable, flexible, measurable and targeted.

“Automated” means that you can run ads on digital platforms without the need for human intervention. The computers do all of the work after a campaign has been created (and in some cases even before). This saves time and money because it’s not necessary to hire someone full-time just for social media advertising.

“Cost effective” means that once you have an audience set up through retargeting ads (i.e., those people who visit your website but don’t convert right away), you can start showing them relevant content related to what they were looking at previously without paying extra money each time someone sees it—that’s called remarketing! In addition all these networks offer sophisticated targeting options so advertisers can target specific demographics such as age groups within certain geographical areas etc…

What Are OTT/CTV Ads & How Can They Help You Reach Seniors Online?

You may have heard of OTT/CTV ads, but do you know how they work? Over-the-top (OTT) and cable television (CTV) advertising refers to the use of video content on streaming television. These types of ads are typically longer than regular online videos—averaging around 15 seconds—and can be played on smart TVs, desktop computers, or mobile devices.

OTT/CTV ads offer many benefits for senior living communities looking for ways to reach aging adults online:

  • OTT/CTV ads are highly effective at reaching older Americans. According to research from Nielsen’s Total Audience Report 2018–2019, 55% of all Americans ages 50+ watch OTT/CTV each month compared with 52% who watch linear TV broadcasts (cable channels). This makes them an ideal way for senior living communities to connect with their target audience.

Using Specific Targeting Options To Appeal To Seniors In Your Programmatic Campaigns?

Digital advertising is a powerful tool when it comes to reaching senior living communities. Seniors make up a growing population, but they also have different needs than other age groups. One of the best ways to target this segment is through digital advertising, specifically programmatic campaigns that use targeting options like location and interest.

These targeting options can be used on their own or in conjunction with each other to reach specific audiences. For example, if you want to reach people who live within 10 miles of your community, you could use location targeting in combination with gender and age demographics (such as 65+).

If you’re a senior community looking to reach residents online, you have to have a strong digital marketing strategy.

If you’re a senior community looking to reach residents online, you have to have a strong digital marketing strategy.

That means:

  • Having an active and engaging social media presence. Senior living communities that ignore social media are missing out on valuable opportunities for building brand awareness and strengthening relationships with their current residents. In fact, nearly half of all Americans now use social media as their primary source of news! So if your community doesn’t have an active presence on Facebook and Twitter, consider this your wake-up call.
  • Creating content that inspires engagement from prospective residents online (and in person!). In addition to providing thoughtful information about various aspects of life at your community — such as the amenities offered or what makes it unique — think about creating videos featuring staff members talking about why they love working there or testimonials from happy residents who’ve chosen your place over others nearby.”


The best way to reach seniors online is through a digital advertising strategy that incorporates paid search, pay-per-click ads and programmatic campaigns to target your audience on the channels they use most. By using keywords like “senior living,” “retirement homes,” “independent senior community” or “assisted living facilities,” you can reach potential residents by displaying your ads alongside relevant content so that users find them when doing searches related to their own interests. For example, if we were looking for assisted living options in our area – we might search online for terms like “senior living near me”. If your organization has already invested time and energy into building out an effective website optimized with relevant keywords – then consider adding programmatic advertising campaigns on other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter because they can help drive traffic towards landing pages where users are more likely convert into customers based off of their interests being targeted by advertisers.”

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