Email Marketing Benchmarks for Senior Living Communities

email marketing

Text messaging and social media platforms seem to be popular communication networks these days, but email marketing is still a highly effective and valuable tool to communicate quickly, create automation, and build relationships with your customers. To determine if your email campaigns are performing at or above average, observe the data below.

Industry Averages

Open RateClick-through RateClick-to-open RateUnsubscribe Rate
All Industries18%2.60%14.10%0.10%
Healthcare Industry23.40%3.70%15.60%0.30%
Senior Living20.6%3.15%14.85%0.20%
Recruitment & Staffing21.14%2.53%N/A0.30%
*Full data found here and here

Overall, Healthcare and Senior Living marketing emails seem to perform above average, so incorporating them into your digital marketing strategy is crucial. Another helpful piece on email marketing was a study that showed what days were the best to send out emails. While it depends on many factors and may vary between industries, the results showed Friday and Wednesday to be the best day to send emails while Saturday and Tuesday were the worst days.

Email Types

There are many types of emails, from automated to monthly newsletters, and each one has a purpose and performs differently. Let’s take a look at how each of these compares to one another.

Open RateClick-through RateClick-to-open RateUnsubscribe Rate
Triggered Email38.03%6.76%17.77%0.43%
Autoresponder Email26.47%3.60%13.59%0.21%
*Full data found here

While triggered emails perform the best, they also have the highest unsubscribe rate (0.43%). Newsletter emails seem to perform the worst overall, with only an 18.76% open rate. To summarize, if you’re not using triggered emails, now may be the time to set one up. And with newsletter emails, pay special attention and look for ways to make them more engaging, eye-catching, so they get opened and clicked on! Using one or more of these emails will help your email marketing strategy and, more importantly, connect with your customers and audience.

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