Facebook Ads vs Google Ads for Senior Living Communities


Now that you’ve set up and started running your ads, the next important step is to analyze the data so you can adjust your goals and improve your strategy. But as the numbers begin to show up, you have a hard time determining if the results are good or not. Take a look at the averages below to help you understand and gauge the success of your ads based on industry and channel averages.

Facebook vs. Google Ads

Every channel has different strengths and weaknesses, and utilizing the right ones is essential to reaching your ideal audience. As seen in the table below, Facebook has the highest conversion rate and lowest cost per acquisition making it an affordable form of advertising with great conversions. The downside to Facebook is that not everyone uses it, which may prevent you from reaching your target audience or acquire as many impressions. 

In comparison, Google Ads has a much higher cost per acquisition and a much lower conversion rate. But, they also have the highest click-through rate (Google Search Ads Mobile) and reach a much larger audience. It’s crucial to evaluate what each platform offers so you get the most out of your ad campaigns.

Click-Through RateConversion RateCost Per


Cost Per Click
Facebook Ads0.89%9.11%$19.68$1.68
Google Search Ads3.17%3.75%$48.96$2.69
Google Display Ads0.46%0.77%$75.51$0.63
Google Search Ads (Mobile)4.10%3.48%$80.89$2.67
Google Display Ads (Mobile)0.60%0.72%$148.68$0.60

*data depicted across all industries between 2016-2019.

Industry Comparison

To get a better look at how your ads compare to the senior living industry, take a look at the averages below across Facebook and Google platforms.

FacebookClick-Through RateConversion RateCost Per


Cost Per Click
All Industries0.89%9.11%$19.68$1.68
Healthcare Industry0.83%11%$12.31$1.32

The Healthcare industry seems to do well on Facebook with a slightly higher conversion rate, lower costs, but a lower click-through rate.


Google Search AdsClick-Through RateConversion RateCost Per


Cost Per Click
All Industries3.17%3.75%$48.96$2.69
Healthcare Industry3.27%3.36%$78.09$2.62
Employment Service Industry2.43%5.13%$48.04$2.04

Healthcare using Google Search Ads has a higher click-through rate but has lower conversions and costs more per acquisition. Employment Services, on the other hand, matches the average cost per acquisition and has a slightly higher conversion rate at 5.13%.


Google Display AdsClick-Through RateConversion RateCost-Per-


All Industries0.46%0.77%$75.51$0.63
Healthcare Industry0.59%0.82%$72.58$0.63
Employment Service Industry0.59%1.57%$59.47$0.78

Healthcare is mostly in line with total averages but has a slightly higher conversion and click-through rate. Employment Services has an even higher conversion rate and a lower cost-per-acquisition.


Google Ads Mobile (Search)Click-Through RateConversion RateCost-Per-


All Industries4.10%3.48%$80.89$2.67
Healthcare Industry3.79%4.24%$95.92$3.24

Statistics show that 52.2% of website traffic comes from mobile devices, making it vital to advertise on mobile and have a mobile-friendly website. Here we see a higher conversion rate on mobile but at a higher cost of $95.92 per acquisition.


Google Ads Mobile (Display)Click-Through RateConversion RateCost-Per-


All Industries0.60%0.72%$148.68$0.60
Healthcare Industry0.51%0.80%$99.05$0.68

Mobile display ads don’t seem to do as well, with only a 0.80% conversion rate in Healthcare. And although it has a lower cost per acquisition, it is still one of the more expensive ad types.

There are a lot of factors that go into deciding what platform and ad type to use. Whether that is budget, reach, or engagement, you must choose what is right for your company. And if you’re still lost and need a second opinion, we are here to help. Give us a call or send us an email, and we would be happy to help make your ad campaigns a success.

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