The Benefits of Call Tracking for Senior Living Advertisers

Call Tracking

The accessibility and convenience of websites and text messaging lead us to focus our marketing efforts here, but let’s not forget about the traditional phone call. Compared to web clicks, phone calls produce conversions 30% faster and three times the amount, so make sure you prioritize them in your digital marketing efforts.

Inbound Calls (that relate to sale or patient opportunities)Sale calls that don’t convertUnanswered Calls
General Healthcare16%71%7%
Primary Healthcare6%54%16%
Specialty Healthcare21%48%32%
Senior Living31%70%18%

Studies also found that inbound calls accounted for 60% of tour appointments made and 39% of move-ins occurring. Seeing this data, companies have stepped up their call marketing, with 41% of companies increasing phone conversions by 25% or more than the previous year. 

Staying up to date with digital marketing trends and services will ensure your efforts are successful. Programmatic advertising is a step into the future and possibilities of digital marketing, while phone calls are an aged but still very relevant asset. If you need help navigating either of these, we would love to hear from you.

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