What Are The Challenges To Recruiting Clinical Staff With Digital Marketing Strategies?

recruiting clinical staff with digital marketing

Recruiting clinical staff is a difficult and time-consuming task, requiring the perfect balance of digital marketing strategies to make sure the right candidates are found. But what challenges does this pose? In this article, we’ll discuss some of the key issues facing recruitment professionals when it comes to using digital marketing techniques for hiring clinical […]

How to Recruit Healthcare Staff With Social Media

A digital marketing company can be invaluable when recruiting healthcare staff with social media. There is no denying that digital channels have become an important recruitment tool for businesses, and this applies just as much to the health sector. According to Best Writing, 93% of all online interactions start with a search engine, so having […]

Recruitment Marketing – A Case Study in Digital Recruiting for Senior Living

Digital Recruiting for Healthcare - Case Study

Recruiters and talent acquisition teams across the US are struggling to recruit qualified healthcare professionals. Let’s face it, if your job is to find and hire Nurses, CNAs, RNs, QMAs or any other skilled healthcare talent, it’s been tough lately. Truth is, there is a talent shortage. When the talent acquisition team from American Senior […]

Would you like fries with your Snapchat?

Recruiting with Social media

  “Forget trolling LinkedIn to scroll through resumes. McDonald’s is going straight to Snapchat, where teens and college-age men and women gossip and share photos.” Think you’ve got a lofty recruiting goal? The talent acquisition team over at McDonald’s plans to hire 250,000 across the country this season. Talk about supersizing it! With a growing need […]

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