Using SEO, Social Media, & Digital Advertising to fill jobs faster

Recruitment marketing strategies don’t need to replace job board listings and career fairs, but to succeed in today’s war for talent, the best recruiters are turning to digital marketing to help fill jobs cheaper and faster.
Ultimate Recruiter's Guide to Digital Marketing

The Ultimate Recruiter’s Guide to Digital Marketing

The onset of the mobile-first culture combined with the power of Google has leveled the playing field between recruiter’s and candidates looking for new job opportunities. The days of quick and easy job board listings are over, and talent acquisition teams are starting to integrate inbound and digital marketing strategies into recruiting initiatives.

Recruitment marketing strategies don’t need to replace job board listings and career fairs, but to succeed in today’s war for talent, the best recruiters are turning to digital marketing to help fill jobs cheaper and faster.

Company Career Pages

A company career page is the foundation of any digital recruitment strategy. This is where candidates become applicants in the talent acquisition funnel. Building a landing page for applicants provides the chance to put your best foot forward. Here, companies can control the information presented and overcome potential objections before they come up. Understanding what motivates today’s talent and how to engage them in digital conversation is paramount to career page development.

Company Career Page Tips

  • Think mobile first. Chances are, your applicants will searching from the latest smartphone technology.
  • Include video testimonials. Tell me how great it is to be a part of your team.
  • Create a simple lead-generating application. You can always follow-up with the best recruits for more information.

SEO for Talent Acquisition

Just like any good recruiter will be doing a little Google groundwork on prospective new hires, applicants are doing their own homework to find out just who they are applying to work with. Building a great career page with video testimonials isn’t always going to be enough. Today’s job searchers turn to search engines to find new positions and to learn more about what your company has to offer. A good search engine optimization strategy will help to ensure that your new career page is among the first options candidates find.

Recruiting with Social Media

Not every company has the brand clout (or budget) to hire 250,000 new employees with Snapchat, but social media can still be a great source of new applications. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter offer the ability to reach thousands of potential hires for as little as a few cents each. That would go a long way to reducing cost-per-hire.

The targeting capabilities of social media platforms make it a great source for organizations with even the smallest need or recruiting budget. By creating custom candidate audiences based on location, interests, career level, and education, TA teams can be precise in both talent acquisition funnels and KPI measurement.

Finding Candidates with PPC

Many career boards (LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.) give companies the ability to run targeted advertising campaigns through PPC search ads. In the rush to fill roles, lots of TA teams have forgotten about the mother of all PPC platforms. Google! Lots of job searchers today turn to the search giant when they want to learn more about your company and to research current openings in their field. A pay-per-click advertising campaign helps direct prospective talent straight to your company career page.

Recruiting with Google Search Advertising

  • Create specific audiences for each type of job opening.
  • Include branded and non-branded search terms in your keyword list.
  • Use sitelinks and ad extensions to highlight benefits, contact info, and applications.

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