Would you like fries with your Snapchat?


“Forget trolling┬áLinkedIn to scroll through resumes. McDonald’s is going straight to Snapchat, where teens and college-age men and women gossip and share photos.”

Think you’ve got a lofty recruiting goal? The talent acquisition team over at McDonald’s plans to hire 250,000 across the country this season. Talk about supersizing it! With a growing need to reach and attract more millennial employees, the fast food pioneer is re-evaluating recruitment platforms and has teamed up with Snapchat to reach more tech-savvy candidates.

Calling it a “Snaplication”, interested applicants can apply a Snapchat filter and find themselves wearing the iconic Golden Arches uniform before sending a 10 second video to the talent acquisition team behind keyboard.

If you’ve been concerned that some aspects of technology have taken the personality out of the recruitment process (digital pre-screening, online applications, etc.) using Snapchat and other interactive platforms gives candidates back the opportunity to let their charisma help sell the skill set. In addition, recruiters and management teams can take advantage of the new world of digital recruitment by engaging candidates via social channels, saving everyone time without sacrificing the value of personality, behavior, and professionalism.

Learning how your candidates interact, communicate, and build relationships is paramount to a successful recruiting strategy. Thanks to data-driven channels like social media, even small businesses can afford to evaluate and target the best candidates for each role.

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